house painter near me
21 May 2018

Hire a Painter Near Me

Is your keyword search “painter near me”?

Exterior painting. Interior painting. Whatever you need, when you type in the words “painter near me” in the Google search box because your home or office needs a new coat of paint, you’re hoping you get the best painters in town. Of course, reviews and happy clients are the hallmark of a great local painting company. Look for those across the web first. Second, browse before and after photos to see for yourself how well the job gets done.

Below are all the vital things to look for when searching for a local home painter.

What to Look for When Finding a Local House Painter Near You

  • Yelp Review. No doubt, you’ve visited to either review a restaurant or business, or look for reviews before making a decision. So do countless other people! Use the huge review website to see what people are saying about local painters in your area. The public is helping do your research for you, so use Yelp to your advantage to avoid hiring the wrong company.
  • Facebook Review. The largest and most trafficked social media website in the world, Facebook has over 1 billion users, many of which leave reviews for businesses they’ve used. You probably have a Facebook account already so use their search box at the top and type in “home painters” or even “home painters near me” and you’ll be shown a list. Search the companies and pick the ones with the 5-star reviews. Alternatively, if there’s a company you’re deciding on, check our their Facebook page to see how satisfied past clients have been.
  • Google Review. Everyone uses Google. You probably found this website through a Google search. Millions of people not only use this website to find something, but to review the businesses they find. Use Google Reviews to your advantage and either browse the ratings of local painters near you, or specifically search for a company you have your eye on. These reviews should definitely be a part of your decision making process.
  • Home Advisor Review. This home improvement website is rapidly becoming the go-to for quick hiring of a variety of residential jobs. Search painters in your city through their search engine to see who has the highest ratings and begin to narrow your hunt here. You don’t have to hire the chosen company from this website directly, but bookmark it for all future home improvement decisions.
  • Photos. Before and after photos can tell you what 1000 words otherwise have to. Get a good idea of what a painting company is capable of by browsing their photos on their website. Plus, you can get ideas for what you would like your home transformation to look like.

These reviews sites are crucial for your decision to hire a painter near you. Use what the Internet is already providing you and make a well-informed choice for your home painting project.