gutter repair
12 Sep 2019

All About Rain Gutters

What is a Rain Gutter?

And why does your home need one?

rain gutter, also known as a roof gutter, is part of a building’s water discharge system. It is a trough that extends the perimeter of the roof and collects rainwater runoff and debris, sends it into downspouts and ultimately away from the home and home’s foundation.

An added immediate benefit is that you stay dry when leaving or entering your home during a storm because the water is send away from areas like the front or back entry. Additionally, rain water is less likely to collect and pool around your home’s foundation and landscaping. Alternatively, the collection and splashing of your home’s landscaping near the wall can kick up dirt and mud, causing stains and an overall unsightly mess on your home’s siding and fascia.

If you need new gutter installation, or simply to have gutter repair, connect with us today for a free estimate and to get the ball rolling.